Nov 5, 2013

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One Direction Features an American Sign Language Version of “I Would”

If I wasn’t already deaf my daughter’s scream would have done the trick.  Lauren and I were checking out the fan music videos on the One Direction website for the #1DDayMusicVideo and  the music video that Lauren and her friend, Lauren Holtz, created was one of the featured videos.  It was early in the morning and their American Sign Language version of  “I Would” was one of five.  I’m sure when I joined Lauren in the screaming we might have woken up a few neighbors too.

You can see the featured video here:  One Direction #1DDayMusicVideos Playlist  It remains to be seen if it will be featured during the 7-hour webcast of 1DDay on November 23rd.

The girls filmed the video in just 30 minutes as the video had to be submitted the next day and the sun was going down.  All in all, despite some bloopers and messed up signs, the girls put together a fun video:

The two girls had the time of their life at the One Direction concert over the summer. Harry Styles signed to them a few times during the concert:

Harry Styles Does Sign Language.

Harry Styles Signs to Deaf Fans at the One Direction Concert

Lauren’s guest post on ChicagoNow: Signing with Harry Styles at the One Direction Concert


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  1. Karen – Lovely story! I am also the mom of a young One Direction fan, so I know how loud those fan screams ca be. Fun times.

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