May 14, 2013

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Meeting Joel Osteen


One week ago, I was sitting at the table with my brother and sister-in-law talking about their upcoming move to Houston. Just weeks before, they were scheduled to move when Dennis had a heart attack and landed in the hospital. He ended up having bypass surgery and was in the middle of a painful recovery. Their son was going to drive with them but he had the possibility of starting work at a construction site. They were trying to figure out Plan B.

Suddenly, I was overcome by a strong urge to go with them. At first, I tried to ignore the urge. I was in the middle of finishing a book and preparing three presentations for the end of the month. The gnawing feeling inside would not stop. I had long ago learned to listen within. God often guided me in powerful ways with those internal nudges.

“I’ll drive you guys down,” I said. Instantly, I wondered how I was going to justify it with Joe and the kids– because I had been traveling so much with the launch of my speaking and SendOutCards business this year. Thankfully, they were all supportive.

Less than a year ago, I made a commitment in my journey back to God and found a church that I feel very much at home in. I felt as if I had lost my way over the years and I needed to find my way back to a faith which I actually knew little about.

One day, Joe brought home a box of books from my mother-in-law. In the box was Joel Osteen’s book, “Live Your Best Life Now.” I had just started watching Joel on Sundays and I loved his uplifting messages and lessons. More than once, the same thought popped into my mind: I would love to attend a service at Lakewood and meet Joel. I wrote it down in my Dream book.


That’s exactly where I found myself on Sunday morning/Mother’s Day. I arrived at Lakewood church early and walked around. A man in a business suit approached me. “Would you like to meet Joel?” I could hardly believe my lip reading eyes! He walked me over to a roped off section. “Joel will be coming off the elevator here,” he said. “No pictures, though. Do you have something you want signed?”

Instantly, I wished I had bought a book at the bookstore. Then I remembered my Dream journal– I would have him sign that!

Just seconds before it was my turn, my hearing aid gave the warning sound of a battery about to die. (Ok, God, your sense of timing is funny!I have never changed a battery so fast in my life.) Not that it would have mattered much– but I wanted to make sure I could moderate my voice.


It was an amazing moment to shake the hand of a man who inspires many and makes a difference with his gifts. I enjoyed the lessons he shared at the service. The interpreters, Sally and Debbie, did a wonderful job translating. Sally took notes and gave out copies– I was SO grateful for that!


This morning, my brother and I were sitting in his new family room and reflecting on how everything worked out–and how everything magically unfolded beautifully. My brother was in no shape for this move, but the trip went well and we managed to unpack everything in one day so they could move in that evening.

What a blessing!


  1. I loved reading this…you inspire me to no end, sister. What a blessing you are to so many!!

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